Heritage awards

Annual Heritage awards have the purpose to encourage private initiatives of French and Tamil house’s restoration in Pondicherry’s historical city centre or in the cities in Pondicherry’s region: Karikal, Mahé or Yanaon. An invitation to candidate is launched every year in January in Pondicherry. A jury made out of the members of the Friends of Pondicherry Heritage as well from India as from France chooses the award winner.

After the INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) has given its opinion, the award winner is also presented in Paris to the jury of the Prix Annuel des Vieilles Maisons Françaises (annual award of the old French houses, an association of 19 thousand members and a 25 thousand issue magazine). The Prix du Patrimoine (award of the heritage) is delivered in Paris in June at the general assembly of the Vieilles Maisons Françaises (Old French Houses), and in August in Pondicherry by Dr Nallam, president of the Friends of Pondicherry Heritage. The award is funded between 600 and 2 000 Euros. That depends on the donators found by the Friends of Pondicherry Heritage.